General Updates - February 2024

General Updates - February 2024

New Accessories

As you know, Positron is working with other manufacturers to produce kits, parts, and accessories. We recently partnered with Voxolite to release some limited edition portable cases for Positron. This is a softshell case that is meant for ease of portability. If you've already built a Positron, or are waiting to build one yourself, this will be a good alternative to a filament box.

You can preorder your case here;

LDO Release

Working in conjunction with LDO, we are currently aiming for a release this Spring 2024. We've been working hard to update our designs to make the overall build experience much more streamlined and simplified.

As you may have seen, The Next Layer did a video on a pre-production unit that was sent to him by LDO. We will be sharing more information on this iteration of the design leading up to the final release.

Upcoming Events

We are currently planning to participate in the following Conventions this year;

3D Printopia (previously East Coast Rep Rap)
Midwest Rep Rap Festival
Open Sauce 2024

In future updates, we will include confirmed appearances, as well as where else you may find a Positron in the wild.

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